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Illustrations & Custom Portraits.

If you like the illustrations above, or any of the other examples on this page, contact the artist David Lee to discuss obtaining a copy or the production of a custom illustration depicting your .

Grand Prix White at 1 o'clock-high.

David creates these masterpieces as a hobby and has a completely separate professional career - in my opinion, with his level of artistry, his attention to detail and his passion for his work, he should be making a living producing these remarkable pices of art.

Check out his work on this page ......... and you decide!!

Guards Red at 11 o'clock-low.

Each image measures 17” wide x 11” high, digitally printed, laminated and autographed and mounted on 3/16” thick gatorboard. It is the extremely high degree of detail and unique rendering style which separates David's work from other artists. David states that his goal is simple, to provide the highest quality artwork at an affordable price.

Ferrari Light Yellow at 4 o'clock-low.

The individual images as displayed on this page are available showing in the following standard colors - Grand Prix White, Guards Red, Black, Midnight Blue Metallic or Polar Silver for $120 per image - which includes UPS ground shipping on all orders within 48 states (exclude Alaska and Hawaii).

Guards Red at 3 o'clock.

David's basic requirement for a custom image of your is that he will only work from digital photos taken by him for file transferring and copyright purposes. He retains full copyrights to all photos taken by him. If you are a Southern California resident, he can arrange specific time and location for a photo shoot of your at a small additional cost. Please feel free to contact him by email (click here or on his name above on this page) for ordering information or a price quote, and to provide details of your vehicle.

Polar Silver at 4 o'clock-high.

So, when your birthday or Christmas rolls around, and your significant other doesn't know what you want as a gift - here's a chance to avoid having to pretend to be delighted with yet another sweater ...... or a shirt in a color you would never (ever) have chosen yourself ......
..... with a “beautiful” matching flamboyant tie!

Ferrari Light Yellow at 6 o'clock low.

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