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Sid C of ID
Sid C of ID preparing for autocross (note twin exhausts).

Registry Member Web Pages

Would you like your own page on ?

One of the benefits of joining the registry is that you will be given a free page on this website. The page is yours to post whatever you would like (within reason) as long as it is related. Some members chose to just post images of their car and others choose to add text. The decision is yours - it's your page!

Yes please!!

I would like you to create a page for me on this website featuring my .

Below are the links to registry member pages giving some interesting and artistic shots of their cars. Simply click on the members name to view their page. Check back with this page often as there are more member pages still to be added!

If you have a favorite picture or two of your that you would like to see posted on your own page please e-mail it/them to me


Each time you visit this website be sure to check out the latest breaking site news!

Index to Registry Members pages

Click on a members name to view their page on this website.

Name - State Exterior Color
 Alan K - CA  Black
 Earl S - PA  Guards Red
 Anthony C - RI  FLY Yellow
 Ben W - TX  Black
 Tyler D - ID  Polar Silver Metallic
 Tom C - CA  Grand Prix White
 Geoff N - WA  Grand Prix White
 Larry D - AZ  Guards Red
 Jodi F - WA  Grand Prix White
 Dan C - OH  Black
 Michael D - FL  Guards Red
 Keith V - CA  FLY Yellow
 Paul C - AZ  Grand Prix White
 Bert R - MD  Black
 Craig T - NY  Guards Red
 George P - PA  Grand Prix White
 Hamp W - TX  Guards Red
 Fred S - TX  Grand Prix White
 Peter G - NH  Grand Prix White
 Jim P - RI  Guards Red
 Steven M - PA  Grand Prix White
 Tom E - CA  Guards Red
 Domi Y - CA  Black
 Bob B - CA  Guards Red
 Jon P - CA  Midnight Blue Metallic
 James M - CA  Guards Red
 Al S - CA  Guards Red
 Jonathan T - ME  Black
 Jeff H - OK  Guards Red
 Ken M - CA  Grand Prix White
 Robert A - CO  Black
 Melissa G - TX  Grand Prix White
 Greg M - Canada  Black
 David M - CA  Grand Prix White
 Alan Y - CA  Black
 Mark W - NH  Grand Prix White
 Loren P - CA  Guards Red
 Lane M - VA  Polar Silver Metallic
 Frank P - Ireland  Grand Prix White
 Mark C - MD  Guards Red
 Bill W - NC  Black/Blue
 Doug S - TX  Black
 Dan K - CT  Black
 Peter S - Germany  Black/Silver
 Will S - IL  Black
 Ed M - RI  Midnight Blue Metallic
 Phil T - NY  Black
 Don S - TX  Guards Red
 Rich F - CA  Black
 George K - TX  Grand Prix White
Name - State Exterior Color
 Jim M - VA  Grand Prix White
 Tyler T - KY  Polar Silver Metallic
 Scott B - WA  Grand Prix White
 Mark B - IL  Black
 Bill M - FL  Guards Red
 Joe W - MA  Grand Prix White
 Bert B - Canada  Midnight Blue Metallic
 Josh S - IN  Black
 Ned L - WA  Midnight Blue Metallic
 Peter S - NY  Black
 Brent K - WA  Grand Prix White
 Warren G - CA  Maritime Blue
 Ross M - CA  Guards Red
 Jerry P - CA  Midnight Blue Metallic
 Mark T - PA  FLY Yellow
 Mike F - NY  Guards Red
 Steve L - AZ  Black
 John B - CA  Polar Silver Metallic
 Mickey C - Taiwan  Midnight Blue Metallic
 Nina C - NV  Grand Prix White
 David K - NJ  Guards Red
 Earl M - PA  Grand Prix White
 Nelson S - CA  Guards Red
 Rick G - MA  Grand Prix White
 Bob G - CA  Polar Silver Metallic
 Jon B - MN  Grand Prix White
 Dennis L - MA  Polar Silver Metallic
 Peter W - CA  Guards Red
 Chris P - WA  Grand Prix White
 Mark H - PA  Peru Red
 David H - TN  Black
 Gary S - TX  Midnight Blue Metallic
 George S - MA  Grand Prix White
 Miguel M - FL  Black
 Larry S - CA  Grand Prix White
 Ned B - GA  Black
 Ruben F - FL  Midnight Blue Metallic
 Mark L - CA  Black
 Sid C - ID  Guards Red
 Greg H - TX  Grand Prix White
 Lew P - NY  Grand Prix White
 Erik V - Norway  Guards Red
 David B - CO  Black
 Lee K - FL  Grand Prix White
 Tom R - CA  Grand Prix White
 Scott C - NC  Black
 Stefan R - Germany  Turquoise Metallic
 Chris P - CA  Black
 Marc W - Germany  Black
Name - State Exterior Color
 Lewis C - MA  Midnight Blue Metallic
 James M - Canada  Guards Red
 Don T - CA  Grand Prix White
 Bob R - CA  Guards Red
 Maryjo N - CA  Midnight Blue Metallic
 Roland S - WA  Guards Red
 David N - VA  Grand Prix White
 Jim L - MI  Black
 James C - AR  Grand Prix White
 Rodrigo T - Argentina  Midnight Blue Metallic
 Wally R - OK  Guards Red
 Jay W - TX  Black
 Andy S - SC  Guards Red
 Em & Bob T - NJ  Black & Guards Red
 John R - IL  Polar Silver Metallic
 Grant R - CA  Midnight Blue Metallic
 Marc F - NY  Polar Silver Metallic
 Susan G - Canada  Midnight Blue Metallic
 Doug P - CA  Black
 Patrick W - CA  Black
 Doug M - TX  Grand Prix White
 Jerry Z - MI  Black
 Stephen G - FL  Grand Prix White
 Bert H - FL  Guards Red
 Mark S - NM  Grand Prix White
 Marvin J - MD  Black
 Jack B - GA  Grand Prix White
 Don P - WA  Black
 Rich W - AZ  Guards Red
 Darrell E - WA  Black
 Henrik H - Germany  Black
 Dick L - WA  Guards Red
 Jim W - NC  Guards Red
 Bill F - NC  Guards Red
 Steve W - TX  Black
 Robert D - CA  Guards Red
 Tucker D - AL  Black
 Michael V - CA  Guards Red
 Craig M - NJ  Guards Red
 Matt D - Manilla  Guards Red
 Mark T - CO  Grand Prix White
 Eelco S - Netherlands  Guards Red
 Jerry K - OH  Grand Prix White
 Terry R - NJ  Guards Red
 Karim J - TX  Guards Red
 Tony DM - PA  Black
 Jan T - Germany  Grand Prix White
 Wilhelm L - MI  Guards Red
 Ray P - Canada  Midnight Blue Metallic
Name - State Exterior Color
 Ken S - CA  Guards Red
 Burl E - CA  Black
 Ilko N - NY  Black
 Randy M - CA  Black
 Bob W - NY  FLY Yellow
 Jim M - CA  Black
 Joe Y Jr - CA  Guards Red
 Stanton L - CA  Black
 Kevin F - CA  Guards red
 Jeff K - OR  Grand Prix White
 Ugo M - FL  Grand Prix White
 Steve G - CA  Guards Red
 George G - CA  Black
 Scott L - CA  Grand Prix White
 Jim V - NY  Guards Red
 Don A - NY  Grand Prix White
 Eric S - VA  Guards Red
 Scott J - OK  Guards Red
 Al T - PA  Black
 David W - MD  Guards Red
 Keith O - TX  Midnight Blue Metallic
 Frank E - CA  Grand Prix White
 Jim E - OH  Guards Red
 Maria C - GA  Grand Prix White
 Paul D - CA  Black
 Kent K - Canada  Midnight Blue Metallic
 Joe P - PA  Guards Red
 Don C - NY  Guards Red
 Scott S - PA  Guards Red
 Roger Z - CO  Guards Red
 Scott K - NC  Guards Red
 John d'Angelo - CT  Black
 Chris T - CA  Midnight Blue Metallic
 Jim B - CA  Guards Red
 Dave O - NJ  Guards Red
 Wayne H - FL  Grand Prix White
 David H - WA  Black
 Theo R - NY  Guards Red
 Bruce L - NJ  Midnight Blue Metallic
 Pete J - WA  Grand Prix White
 Ron B - Canada  Guards Red
 Bob M - MD  FLY Yellow
 Brian S - IL  Grand Prix White
 Tom D - NJ  Grand Prix White
 Ed B - PA  Grand Prix White
 Jack Z - FL  Grand Prix White
 Nathan M - WA  Guards Red
 Matt L - WA  Midnight Blue Metallic
 Guus-Jan de-G  Guards Red

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