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OEM Information: Literature

Definition of “Literature”.

My definition of Literature is printed matter issued by Stuttgart or PCNA that would typically be available to the public. This includes (but is not limited to) sales brochures, newspaper and magazine ads, owners manual supplements etc.

1 Page Media advertisement.

Click on the image above to view Porsches® full page magazine ad.

1/2 Page Media advertisement - “No Back Doors”.

Click on the image above to view Porsches® half page magazine ad.

2 Page Media advertisement - “About as far”.

Click on the image above to view Porsches® two page magazine ad.

ad placed in the New York Times.

The small print below the above image reads:

“Lease offered by Porsche Credit Corporation (PCC). Price based on 60 month closed-end lease for the 1993 Porsche RS America as shown (Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price of $55,525 including freight). Capitalized cost reduction by dealer of $6,055.00 required. Total of monthly lease payments $35,940. Any additional and optional equipment will affect the payment amount and cost of the vehicle. Refundable security deposit of $600 plus first months lease payment of $599.00, plus luxury tax in the amount of $1,947 for a total of $3,146 due from Lessee at lease inception, plus any additional applicable taxes, registration, license and title fees that may be due at lease inception. Lessee responsible for taxes, registration/title fees, insurance, maintenance and repair. Lessee also responsible for $350 disposition fee, and an excess mileage charge of 12 cents per mile in excess of 15,000 miles per year, plus charges for excess wear and tear, if any, if purchase option is not exercised. Lessee has the option to purchase at maturity where state laws allows for $21,654.80, plus applicable fees and taxes. Lessee may have the option to purchase the vehicle prior to maturity for a price specified in the lease. Lease is subject to credit approval by PCC, proof of insurance and vehicle availability. If the vehicle is returned, Lessee must return the vehicle to a location specified by PCC. Other conditions and fees may apply. Available only in the Continental U.S. Not available in Alaska or Hawaii. Lessee acquires no ownership rights in the vehicle unless the purchase option is exercised. See your participating Porsche dealer for details about this offer, and other offers available on selected models. This offer available for a limited time and may be subject to change. Porsche recommends seatbelt usage and observance of all traffic laws at all times. ©1993 Porsche Credit Corporation. ©1993 Porsche cars North America.”

(Many thanks to Geoff A of PA for submitting this ad).

The at the '92 Detroit Autoshow.

Click on the image above to view photo's of the at the '92 NAIAS Autoshow.

Sales Brochure data.

NOTE: The original Sales Brochure is available to registry members as advertised on the Marketplace/Parts and Accessories page of this website - while supplies last.

In the sales brochure Porsche did something very unusual, something that they had not done before (or since) in a brochure dedicated to one specific model. Specifically, they printed the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price on the brochure which was $53,900.

The reasoning behind allowing this to happen, was that the was intended to be a one year only model for 1993 and as such, was only intended to have one fixed price. As it turned out, orders for the model continued throughout '92/'93 to the point where the factory adjusted their prices to reflect the predicted price increases for the '94 model year. To account for this price increase Porsche now had to reprint the sales brochure showing the new MSRP of $54,800.

For this reason there are two editions of the sales brochure.

1st Edition sales brochure MSRP Versus 2nd edition.

In addition to having a different MSRP, the two editions of the brochure differ in two other ways.

  • The first edition brochure has the word “PORSCHE” on its front cover in the corporate script in a dark burgundy color. This burgundy is a color associated with the Porsche script and seen almost everywhere as a standard Porsche color. The second edition however, has exactly the same script but in a bright orangy/red color - which is definitely not a typical Porsche color (see cover photo above).
  • Additionally, the first edition had a small color Porsche crest located at the top center of the blank silver back cover of the brochure.

Below is a summary of some of the data specified in the sales brochure.


Wheelbase: 89.4 in.
Overall Length: 168.3 in.
Width: 65.0 in.
Height: 51.6 in.
Track - Front/rear: 54.1 in/54.1 in.
Ground clearance: 4.5 in.
Curb weight: 2,954 lbs.
Weight distribution
1,202 lbs./1,752 lbs.


Engine Design: Air-cooled, lightweight aluminum alloy horizontally opposed 6-cylinder, crossflow, hemispherical combustion chambers, 2 valves-per-cylinder, resonant induction, rear mounted.
Displacement: 3.6 liters
Horsepower: 247 @ 6,100 rpm
Torque: 228 ft-lb @ 4,800 rpm
Maximum RPM: 6,700
Compression Ratio: 11.3 : 1
Fuel/Ignition system: Electronic fuel injection, DME controlled with twin plug ignition, dual knock sensors
Transmission: 5-speed manual

Left Hand Overview.


Body: Welded, unitized construction: double sided, zinc galvanized steel body with wing type fixed rear spoiler
Suspension: Sports suspension package: M030
Front: Independent MacPherson struts, aluminum alloy lower control arms, uprated shock absorbers, 22mm stabilizer bar
Rear: Independent Aluminum alloy semi-trailing arms, uprated coil springs with toe correction, uprated shock absorbers, 20mm stabilizer bar
Steering: Rack and Pinion
Steering ratio: 22.1 : 1
Turns (lock to lock): 3.02
Turning circle: 36.6 ft.

Brake system

Power assisted, dual circuit, 4-piston, aluminum alloy, fixed caliper, Anti Lock Brake System.

Front: 11.73 in.
Rear 11.77 in.

Wheels and tires

Pressure cast light alloy wheels (5 spoke Turbo design) with anti-theft device

Front: 7J x 17 with 205/50ZR-17 steel belted radial tires
Rear 8J x 17 with 255/40ZR-17 steel belted radial tires


Acceleration: 0-60 mph in 5.4 sec.
Top Track Speed: 162 mph
Coefficient of drag: .34

Brochure rear foldout page - Did you notice the non stock whaletail?.

Exterior Colors

Black, Guards Red and Grand Prix White. Optional colors are Polar Silver Metallic and Midnight Blue Metallic.


2-seat Coupe with rear storage compartments in place of rear seats; sport seats with electric height adjustment, seating surfaces covered with black corduroy fabric; and 911 Carrera RS style door panels with straps to open doors that are color keyed to match seatbelts.

Safety Features

Driver and passenger side airbags; 3-point safety belts; power windows; one-key central locking and alarm system.


Limited slip differential (40%)
Porsche CR-1 AM/FM digital display stereo Cassette radio with 2 loudspeakers
Air conditioning with full climate control
Electric sliding sunroof.


Limited Vehicle Warranty: 2-year, unlimited mileage
Limited Paint Warranty: 3-year, unlimited mileage
Limited Rust-perforation Warranty: 10-year, unlimited mileage

Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price

Per above, in the first edition of the brochure the MSRP was quoted as

$53,900 (see the base price on the first window sticker below)

However, in the second edition the printed price was increased to

$54,800 (see the base price on the second window sticker below)

both brochures also state that the price quoted was the manufacturer's suggested retail price excluding tax, title, registration, and destination charges. Please see your dealer for more detailed information on pricing.

It is important to bear in mind that the quoted figures are for a car with zero factory options.

MSRP Vs “sticker” price.

The difference between the MSRP and the “sticker price” - which was the price it would actually cost to drive an off the showroom floor, was basically the additional cost of any buyer selected options, plus a $725 destination charge. On top of this there would of course be tax.

The original window sticker illustrated below shows an MSRP of $53,900 as quoted in the first edition brochure - which, with a premium for metallic paint (Midnight Blue Metallic) plus factory options Porsche AM/FM radio cassette, A/C with full climate control and Electric sliding sunroof - plus destination charge, the grand total comes to $61,157.

The next window sticker shows an MSRP of $54,800 as quoted in the second edition brochure - which, after selecting the most expensive two out of the available four factory options A/C with full climate control and Electric sliding sunroof plus (increased) destination charge, brings the grand total to $60,282.

It is interesting to compare the prices and see how they changed from the early car to the later one - not just the MSRP increase of $900 but also a price increase for the a/c and sunroof.

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