Who needs corner workers? All those other drivers were just getting in the way anyway.
Andy S of SC had so much fun at VIR in his with Randy Pobst as his instructor....
...... he just didn't want to go home!

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8th May 2006

  • One Registry member had his SERIOUSLY upgraded!
  • Longevity - a search for the highest mileage
  • Does your have personalized plates?
  • Canadian .... where are you?
  • One SERIOUSLY upgraded
When an RSA becomes a true supercar
Indeed - a wolf in sheep's clothing.

One registry member had his professionally modified to give it an additional 140 bhp and a further 150 ft/lbs of torque. To find details of how he did this and to discover the resulting change of the cars character plus view other registry members articles click here

  • In search of ..... “the most travelled”.

Registry member Dennis W of CA contacted me recently and asked:

“Something I think would be interesting - maybe only to me, is what mileage folks have on their . Ours has 127,000 on the odometer. We don't race it, but it is used as a commuter car almost every day.”

So ...... if your has more than 127,000 miles then please let me know.

  • Personalized plates.
Let people know which model of Porsche they are looking at!

I have seen, and am aware of, quite a few owners with personalized plates and thought it might be interesting to show a collection of them on the website. So, if you have such a plate, please snap a digital pic of it and email it to me. If yours is one of those above - please take a clearer shot and send it to me.

  • Canadian

A new registry member from Canada asked me a very good question. His name is Carl D of Quebec and he asked “How come on the registry/statistics page of this website, there is a table showing the location of all the registry members by state, but all the Canadian are all lumped into a single line titled “Canada” and not broken out by province?”

In order to remedy my recently identified omission, I have added a further chart below the one showing the total number of registry members and their location - especially for those members from north of the border. I have entitled it “Canadian ” and appropriately given it a shot of Susan G of Vancouver BC's stunning midnight blue metallic as the header. Click here to find out how many Canadian registry members there are, and how they are distributed throughout Canada.

Are you an owner and NOT receiving the e-newsletter? or maybe you haven't received one via e-mail for a while? ...... then see the last bullet on the Apr '06 news article

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