Photoshop is a wonderful way to turn snapshots into portraits

Using Stanton L of CA's as a model, Mike Sugrue demonstrates his considerable photographic talents.
(Note the twin exhaust system a' la 965 Turbo!)

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20th April 2006

  • This months member article about is published nationally!!
  • .net rear window decals now available.
  • Service Info Technic booklets available.
  • Not receiving the Registry e-newsletter? Here's why.
  • This month's article.....
The April '06 article is published in this months Panorama - the national Porsche Club of America Newsletter which is distributed to 54,000 members. Entitled “What Exactly is an ?” it is intended to spread the word about our cars and also publicize the PCA Registry and this website.

George S of MA:
“Loved the piece in Pano. I read it while still standing at the mailbox!

My neighbor was confused and wanted to know if I was OK.

I told him better than OK, I had something worth reading on the spot”

Neil H of CA:
“Keith, What a great article on in the April issue of the Panorama. Way to go!

There should have been an on the cover!!”

April '06 Panorama Index page
Bert R of MD:
“The article in Pano is fabulous!!!

What you have done for the is amazing!


Paul D of CA:
“That is a pretty nifty article in the Pano about .

You are a STAR!!!!

Extremely spectacular”

To view an on-line version of the Panorama article, go to the “Articles/Members” page using the blue menus at the top of this page, or click on the following link.
Rear windshield decal.
Rear windshield decals.

.net” rear windshield decals are now available to Registry members. Decals have their script in either red (Guards), white (Grand Prix), plus blue and yellow and are easily applied to the outside of your rear windshield. To find out more about price and availability, click on the following link.

'Service Information Technik' is German for 'Dealer booklet introducing a new Porsche model'
Dealer Service Info - technical manuals.

The Los Angeles Porsche book and literature fair is an annual indoor swapmeet of all things Porsche - except actual hard parts. The good news is that this year, I was able to acquire 30 mint condition copies of Porsches booklet entitled Service Info Technic. The bad news? well, there are only 30 of them and once they're gone - that's it! For further details click here.

As I am trying to distribute a monthly(-ish) e-newsletter to over 320 members without disclosing individual members e-mail addresses, I continue to have more and more distribution problems. Specifically, I suspect that members anti-spam software has automatically blocked my e-mail, and worse, has probably added my e-mail address to a blocked senders list. Also, as I've been getting return notices, I believe some members have changed their e-mail address without informing me. If you haven't been receiving the e-newsletter, the above reasons are probably why!

In an attempt to establish how many members I'm actually reaching by e-mail, I therefore request:

  1. When you receive the e-newsletter please acknowledge receipt by typing a brief (just a word or two) reply e-mail (please do not use the automatic acknowledgement your e-mail system may have).
  2. If you have NOT been receiving e-newsletters by e-mail - this indicates there has been some kind of breakdown as described above. To correct this please e-mail me and let me know.
  3. Please go to your junk mail filter function in your e-mail account and ensure that has not been added to your “blocked” or “spam” list. If it has then please add me to your safe senders list.
Are you an owner and NOT receiving the e-newsletter? or maybe you haven't received one via e-mail for a while? ...... then see the last bullet on the news article above

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