Carl D of Canada.

Carl D of Quebec, Canada captures a shot of his cooling off in the shade.

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20th May 2007

  • PCA Parade San Diego - Registration for the Porsche Paddock is now open!
  • The owner who really knows a good Porsche when he owns one.
  • A couple of customized interiors
  • run together at Carolinas Motorsport Park.
  • Registration for the Parade Paddock is now open - mail in your form to join the Corral before 1st June.

PCA members are invited to join in the Porsche Paddock at Parade San Diego on Monday 2nd-July this year even if they have not signed up for Parade. There is a $20 fee for participation and a few other requirements - such as keeping your Porsche on the Paddock field until 2pm.

Come on....... take Monday off work and enjoy a day in your as part of a swarm of nearly a thousand Porsches. In fact why not drive down Sunday afternoon, clean the car, stay in a local hotel and then drive back Monday PM.

What.......? You're so incredibly important that your company would crash and burn if you weren't there for a single day? Yeah ....right!
We understand that the real reason you can't make it is because “she who must be obeyed” wouldn't be happy about you taking the time off. Think of it this way, if you miss this Parade there will be another one in Southern CA ..... probably in about another 10 or 12 years!

Staging area.
Click on the image above to see a 10 Megabyte video of the Corral at PCA's 50th Parade in Hershey 2005.

The Paddock is only open to members who have pre-registered by mailing in the form, so don't even think about just showing up and expecting to roll onto the paddock field with the rest of the . You'll need to decide if you're going fairly quickly because ....


  • A man who knows a great deal about Porsche ownership.
Lowes Motor Speedway - Charlotte.
A thing of beauty.
Bill F of NC displays his at the Auto fair at Lowe's Motor Speedway, Charlotte NC proving that Number 41 = number 1.

One registry member who has experienced Porsche ownership enough to really appreciate his is Bill F of NC. Each of us appreciates our Porsche to varying degrees, from being blase about it - to full on obsession. Strangely, it seems Porsche owners do have a reputation for being ...... shall we say .... a tad “anal” about their cars. I guess it's all relative because if you have only ever owned one Porsche, your appreciation of it may differ from a person who has owned numerous Porsches. “Numerous” is a word that fits Bill F's Porsches very nicely as this retired NC Highway Patrol Major has owned more than his fair share ......

Ready to show.
A 14 year old looking every bit as good as it did the day it was new!

“What exactly does that mean?” you ask. Well, Bill has owned no less than 41 (forty one) Porsches - all models from 930 Turbo's to 356 Speedsters, 912's, 911's, 914's, 924's. Many were in excellent condition and over the years he restored a lot of them back to original condition. Bill maintains that the that he currently owns is probably his favorite of all the Porsches he has owned because in his words “ is beautiful, fast, rare and very much an attention getter”. Bill has entered his (which has only 6,300 original miles on it) in several concours in the past five years - in every one of which he has won first place - usually scoring only a tenth or two off of a perfect score.

A thing of beauty.
.... with only 3,600 miles ... it virtually IS new!

Bill says that often when he takes the out for a drive, people see his Highway Patrol license plate and ask if it is a license to speed. He is often asked how does one obtain such a plate, Bill answers - all you have to do is have over thirty years with the State Highway Patrol.

NCHP Plate
The North Carolina Highway Patrol License plate.

So if you see an with an 0911 license plate, make a point to say hello to Bill and ask him for more info about his “numerous” Porsches - he is indeed a very interesting man to talk to.

  • Customizing interiors

With only 701 made you might think that there would not be many variations between different examples. While many of the more “particular” owners insist on keeping their Porsches in original condition, there are also numerous owners who choose to customize their cars to suit their own tastes, these modifications take many forms with some of the more popular being the fitment of wider 8” & 9” wheels in place of the original 7” & 8”, or perhaps the addition of 5-point harnesses and a fire extinguisher, a secondary muffler by-pass, or maybe a light weight fly-wheel and competition clutch. Most of these modifications are at least in the general vein of performance enhancements, but there is one area where customization is done almost exclusively for aesthetic reasons, and that is the interior. Below are some images of a couple of registry members cars which have had their interior customized ........... because their owners felt like customizing them!

The first member has gone to great lengths to ensure that only genuine Porsche components have been utilized in the upgrade of the cars interior. Every modification made used genuine Porsche parts fitted professionally by qualified Porsche technicians. The results, whether they suit your personal tastes or not ........ are really quite remarkable!

Red & black leather RSA interior.
Red leather gear lever boot, hand brake boot, dash panel, steering wheel and seat piping with matching seatbelts.

Genuine Porsche leather steering wheel.
Genuine Porsche leather steering wheel with SRS airbag system, full carbon fiber dashboard trim and carbon fiber gear shift knob.

Red leather door panels.
The custom red leather door panels definitely make a statement!

On a slightly more modest budget, Registry member Ed B of CA decided he wanted to customize the interior of his and he certainly gave it a unique appearance by fitting maple door panels. One has to wonder if in keeping with the lightweight theme of the he considered balsa!

The next time you wax the paint and polish the glass - don't forget to varnish the doors!
Ed B of CA fitted his with custom maple door panels.

  • Registry members at CMP.
Carolinas Motorsport Park.
Carolinas Region owners Jim W, Bill W and Rob P enjoying the camaraderie of running together at Carolinas Motorsport Park.

Three Carolinas Region PCA members showed up at a weekend Drivers Ed at Carolinas Motorsports Park for a wonderful weekend (the weather cooperated) of tossing their around CMP's challenging 2.1 mile, 14 turn course.

Jim W, Bill W and Rob P all of North Carolina had their out on the track. It is an interesting group of cars and drivers. Rob's is already a full-on club racer. Rob moved right into club racing after a couple of years of Driver's Education events. Bill is an experienced PCA Instructor (now nationally certified) and after years of instructing has decided to join Rob in club racing this year. This was Jim W's first track event and he had a great experience. While Bill and Rob have been on the track together up and down the east coast this was the first time that we've had three running together at the same track event.

Hungry for more stuff? Here's an idea ..... why not keep reading down the News page you're reading right now and see if there's something interesting that you missed in previous news articles. Who knows ... maybe it will inspire you to e-mail me with something to share with other Registry members - an article maybe!!

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