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20 Jan 2005

The youngest person to buy a new , more about tool kits and ...... an “Equipment” section on the website

I just LOVE the picture above sent in by Marc F - click here to view more images on his rsamerica.net webpage. If he didn't have a full face helmet on in the above shot - I swear all you would see in the drivers mirror would be one HUGE grin!!!


Last month Geoff A of PA said in an e-mail “ I was only 27 at the time and I'd be curious to know if I was the youngest person to buy a new .

Well, I received a message from James M of CA who said:

“I purchased, not leased, my new September 1st, 1993. I was 26 at the time.”

Then Bert R of MD e-mailed me saying:

“I took delivery of my in August of 1992. I special ordered it and had to wait about 6 months for the car. I was living at home and kept the car in my parents garage - I was 22.”

As hard as it is to believe, even at the tender age of 22 ......... Bert R was not the youngest guy to have his own brand new ......

So to date, the (imaginary) award for youngest owner of a new goes to Jason A of MA, whose e-mail read

“I paid cash to the first Porsche dealer (Pass & Weisz) that didn't tell me to come back with my parents when I asked for a quote on a new, LSD only . Despite the fact that I only looked about twelve years old ........ I was actually 19 :o)

For those of you who give a hang about tool kits ...

I have completely redone the article since Registry member Hank C of NH pointed out my original article had four items missing from the “completed” toolkit and then local registry member Don T of CA came over to my house and proved it! So ..... to find out what a complete tool kit REALLY comprises of ... click here. Many thanks Hank and Don!

The NEW “Equipment” section of www.rsamerica.net

I have restructured some areas of the site that were somewhat fragmented, and corralled them under the title of “Equipment”. This is intended to list and provide details of, the majority of equipment that came standard with the . Rather than type out an explanation here I recommend you explore the equipment section which can be found as a drop-down menu under the “OEM Info” heading at the top of every page.

How do I join the PCA Registry? Click here to find out.

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