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This 1993 newspaper ad that ran in the New York times states
“Let's just hope your ATM is located on a steep, winding mountain road.”

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5 Apr 2005

  • Registration data for Registry members attending the corral at PCA Parade in Hershey PA Sun Jun 26th.
  • An Dyno day in San Diego on 23 Apr '05 - ONLY 3 weekends away!!
  • Another two factory press photo's discovered.
  • Another Road test article submitted.

To see the full newspaper ad for leasing an (including the small print below the image above) plus other ads go to the “OEMinfo/Literature” page. Many thanks to Geoff A of PA for sending in this Porsche lease ad.

  • attending the informal car show at PCA Parade - Registration details now available.

For the latest total of owners planning on attending the Sun June 26th corral, please see the table under the 24th March Site news page.

Further data is now available for Porsche owners interested in participating in the Sunday June 26th corral at the PCA Parade car show.

A letter was sent to applicants for Parade 2005 who were unsuccessful in getting in and were subsequently wait listed. This letter states that registration will be required for entry into the car show if you were not accepted into Parade, and that there will be a $45 fee for participating in the car show and associated corral. This fee entitles entrants to display their Porsche in the appropriate corral on the fairway of the golf course at the Hotel Hershey, plus to spectate at the Parade Concours and also to visit the Porsche Museum exhibit set up specifically for Parade.

  • Dyno day in San Diego on 23 Apr '05

If you one of the 17 owners in the San Diego area, (or one of a total of 52 Registry members in CA), you are invited to attend a Registry event on Saturday April 23rd at around 9am. At the time of writing that's in only 3 weekends time.

I have made preliminary arrangements with Randy at The Dyno Shop at 10042 Prospect Avenue - Santee, CA 92071 (Phone: 888-DYNO-SHOP) for a group of owners to be able to dyno their cars and get an accurate reading of how much horsepower their cars actually make at the rear wheels.

Normally, the cost of this Dynamometer test is $93.00, however, each Registry member present will be able to dyno their car and obtain a print-out of max horsepower, max torque, fuel/air ratio and road speed for only $50.00

In order for this event to happen, we need to have 10 owners commit to bring their cars, and, as of 5th April we have only four.

If you would like to know more about what happens when you put your on a dyno go to the “ Articles/members ” page and read “Dyno day '04” where two an are tested back-to-back.

Along with 11 photo's and three horsepower curves, this article also contains a 20 second video of an being tested on the dyno. Due to it's large size, the video takes approximately a minute to download using an internet cable connection so some patience is required

If there are not 10 owners interested in participating, this event will be postponed - so, if you think you might be interested, read the “Dyno day '04” article and then please e-mail me to confirm.

  • Two new factory press photographs have been found.

To view the two new factory press shots sent in by Geoff A of PA go to “factory press photo's”.

  • Another road test article has been submitted.

To view the du Pont registry road test article sent in by Geoff A of PA go to the “ Articles/road test” page

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