Tyler T of KY's fabulous Polar Silver metallic RS America
The fabulous Polar Silver metallic of Tyler T of KY.

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4 Oct 2004

An e-mail from Tyler T in KY regarding his recently purchased .... is the market price of on the increase?

I recently received an e-mail from Tyler T in KY, a relatively new owner who had the following to say about what happened when he recently took his to a local Porsche Club of America event.

“Hi Keith,

I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you about something interesting that happened to me this past weekend when I attended a local PCA function in my '93 Polar Silver metallic . I had been there about 20-30 min when I was approached by a guy who asked me some questions about the car, looked at it really closely and then offered to buy it from me. He actually offered me $5,000 more for the car than I had paid for it less than 4 months ago.

I told him the car was not for sale and then he started telling me of how quickly the prices are rising on these cars. He knew about www.rsamerica.net and actually knew a great deal about . He even knew how to tell exactly what production number my car was and he knew how many silver, delete option cars like mine are out there. He told me he had owned an from new in '93 but that he ended up trading it back to the dealer for a Turbo S that came available. He told me he has always missed the and wanted another one again. He currently owns somewhere around 9 Porsches and actually had an '87 911 Club Sport in the show.

All day long the drew A LOT of attention and everyone wanted to look inside and see the pull strap door handles and the missing back seat. Everyone seems to love this model of Porsche.

I think the best compliment I got all day was from a guy that has a '74 RS with an RSR engine. He came over and took a picture of my car and then waxed on and on about how much he would LOVE to have one like mine.

I'm not parting with my car anytime soon but love the attention it gets from true Porschephiles. It was a great experience and it certainly sounds like these cars are really becoming collector cars.

Thanks, Tyler T of KY.”

So what do you think? Is this typical of the reaction you get to your from Porsche fans? If you have had a similar experience ... please drop me an e-mail and let me know.

How long has it been since you spent a little time “surfing” the rsamerica.net website?

I have recently embodied a series of updates and mods that I think make the site a little more interesting - so please, go ahead - check it out and give me your feedback. A good place to start might be the Site Map page just to be sure you haven't missed pages like the Members Articles page, or the Press photo's page. If you have ideas or suggestions for improving the website, please e-mail them to me.

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