Scott B of WA's Grand Prix White with his custom made “RS America” graphics
Scott B of WA's Grand Prix White RSA with his custom “” graphics.

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2 Nov 2004

One Registry members' bold new graphics make a statement - PLUS! A further e-mail regarding the current market.

Scott B of WA sent the above picture of his concours winning sporting striking “” custom graphics with the following message.

“Hello Keith,

Please feel free to post these pictures of my white with the new graphics which I designed and made. If anyone is interested in getting similar graphics for their please just let me know. By the way, last weekend I won a concours with the car and yesterday I was at the track with it!”

If you want to find out more about the graphics Scott's designed and made e-mail me

Jim M of VA provides feedback regarding interest generated by his Grand Prix White


I'm responding to Tyler T's letter you posted on the “Latest Breaking Site News” page on 4th October regarding the interest generated by at Porsche events. I've had similar experiences to Tyler, but never a direct offer to buy the car on the spot. I have however, received a couple of people ask me if I was interested in selling.

I still see the car's previous owner at track events, and he always reminds me that if I do decide to sell it to make sure I contact him first (he requested that as one of the conditions of me buying it from him 7 years ago). My Porsche buying-selling pattern until the was to buy a “new” used Porsche about every 5 years, but to be honest .... I don't know if I could sell the now ............ maybe when the 997 comes out - we'll see.

Regards, Jim M of VA.”

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