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2 Jul 2003 - News update

  • PCA SIG Registry given special recognition award.
  • Registry Group photos.
  • Sales Brochure availability.
  • A survey on rolled fenders, paint finish under your front hood, flat black paint on door panels and sunroof delete.
  • Registry Award

    At this years PCA National Parade in Florida, a Special Recognition award was given for outstanding effort to the registrar of a PCA SIG (Special Interest Group) or Registry. Congratulations are due to Michael Lancial for his excellent work with the 911T registry.

    While I am pleased to see Michael's hard work being recognized, I believe that with a little more member participation and sufficient visibility within PCA, that the registry could easily equal and possibly outshine the great work done by Mike on the 911T registry.

    How can we do this? Several ways, including getting a forum up and running on the website (my job), other examples - getting more active feedback/participation from registry members in the form of member articles submitted, or members taking advantage of the option of having your own FREE webpage on the Photo Gallery page, or by spreading the news about the registry and encouraging owners to participate. See item below regarding group photos.
  • Group photos
German Autofest - Ventura '03

Registry members from the North East of the US informed me that recently there were fifteen (15) in attendance at the Zone 1 DE at Watkins Glen. This has to be a record as far as number of gathered at one meet. Unfortunately ..... no-one thought to get the owners together for a group photo and, as far as I am aware, no-one took any pictures.

German Autofest - Ventura '03

In an attempt to try and remedy this, I am hoping to get the message out to members that in future:

  • Take a camera to any/all events you attend with your
  • Look for other , make contact, socialize and spread the word about the Registry.
  • Arrange to all get together at a certain time for a group picture - notify all owners present - maybe at the drivers meeting or event introductory speeches.
  • Take several pictures - not just the one group shot.
  • Mail (or e-mail) me copies of the photos for posting on the website.
  • Owner survey

I am interested in gathering four pieces of data from owners in order to investigate the rumor that the early non-sunroof had seam-welded tubs, rolled fenders and “crinkle finish” paint on the underside of the front hood.

  a) Rolled fenders
A simple way to tell if your car has rolled fenders, is to run your hand under the fender at “top dead center” of the wheel arch and feel if the metal fender lip a) turns 90 degrees from the exterior body panel and runs inboard parallel to the ground or b) has been rolled back on itself or folded double such that the inner flange or fender lip is parallel to the outer body panel. If a) you do not have rolled fenders and if b) .... you do!

  b) Paint finish under the hood
Later have a smooth paint finish on the underside of the front hood, whereas earlier cars have a crinkle finish - almost as if there were undercoating beneath the paint.

  c) Flat black paint
The earlier cars had flat black paint around the outer edges of the inner surface of the doors - around the outside of the interior door trim. Early cars also had flat black paint on the vertical bulkhead behind the grill on the two long horizontal slots in the front bumper. Later cars had both the outer edges of the inner door surface and the bulkhead behind the front grill painted body color.

  d) Sunroof
Allegedly, the seam-welded tubs were only used for non-sunroof cars - the theory being that ordered with a sunroof were not intended for track use - where a more rigid tub was critical.

So, when you have time, please do a simple check of these areas on your and please e-mail me with your findings on the issues above and I will generate a database, the results of which I will post on the website.

Please reply by e-mail to questions a) thru d) above with either “YES” or “NO”

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