A Little Known Option -
The Warning Light That Lets You Know When You Reach 35 MPH

by: David N of NJ

I thought you might enjoy a story about my RSA. When I first acquired it, the “exclamation point” or general warning light on the dashboard would consistently illuminate whenever the car reached 35 miles per hour. No other dash board indicators came on so there were no other clues as to which of the vehicles systems was generating the fault warning. I took the car to my local independent shop who recommended that I take it to the dealer, Paul Miller Porsche.

Miller had the car for a day and then called me. They had determined that there was absolutely nothing wrong with the operation of the vehicle, but .... they just couldn't determine why the light kept illuminating. I was pleased to see that the fault was actually happening to them on test drives - because everyone knows that's when most problems immediately disappear and become totally untraceable until the day after you pick the car up from the dealer. I indicated that I didn't want the car back with the warning light on all the time and requested that they call me once they had figured out what the problem was.

Two days later, they called and advised that they had located the culprit. It seems that someone at the factory had mistakenly installed the relay which controls the electrically operated automatic rear spoiler on the regular C2. When the electrically operated rear spoiler (which of course the RS America doesn't have) failed to deploy at 35 m.p.h., the computer triggered a fault warning and the warning light illuminated. The mechanics at the dealership simply pulled the relay ... and “voila” the problem was immediately solved.

When I picked up the car, they showed me the relay and I asked them if I could have it. They said that ordinarily that would not have been a problem, but in this case they had to submit it as part of their claim for warranty work. They said that Porsche A.G. would not believe the claim for 3 days of diagnostic work without the part.

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