The “Euro” rear fog light.

by: Bert R of MD.
Rear Foglight switch.
Factory stock Rear Foglight switch.

Ever since I first got my RS America I had become addicted to the idea of fitting a rear fog light in the space provided for it behind the rear reflector, mainly because European Carrera's had them.

It took me 6 months to do...... but I did it!

It might be legal now - but back in 1993 I was told that Porsches could not legally be shipped to the US with the “Euro” Rear-Fog Light because US drivers would mistake it for a brake light. The government did not allow it I was told!

Rear lights only.
Rear lights only.

My Dad happened to be good friends with the general manager of a Porsche Dealership at the time, and the General Manager knew someone in a Porsche Dealership in Austria. Shortly after a few questions were asked of the right people, the official Porsche Part was shipped to the States in a box “mistakenly” labeled as another Porsche part. My Dad's friend had the mechanic in his dealership install the light and switch (I believe the car was wired for this already - but it's been so long - I am not sure..........).

Here is a list of the part numbers, part descriptions and prices that were listed on my service papers (keep in mind the prices quoted were over 7 years ago) :

Tail Light Lens
Rear Fog Symbol

Labor for installing rear fog light and switch - $58.90

So the parts and installation cost me about $400 - and it is the genuine Porsche part, installed at an authorized dealership.

Rear lights plus Brake lights.
Rear lights plus Brake lights.

Now let me describe what they did.

The rear fog light is a single high intensity red light (about as bright as a brake light) that is on the passenger side, just to the inboard of the RH brake light, housed within the single full width center reflector.

In order to install it, they had to replace the full width center reflector between the brake lights (a friend made my original reflector into a real nice wall display for me). Inside of the car, there is now a switch, in the blank circle to the left of the front fog light switch - which completes the dash in my mind.

The switch is almost identical to the front fog light switch, with the only difference being the fog light symbol is yellow instead of green. The operation of the switch is exactly the same as the front fog light switch (pull it out to turn the lights on, push it in to turn them off).

Rear lights, Brake lights and Rear Foglights.
Rear lights, Brake lights and Rear Foglights .......... voila!.

I have used the rear fog light on the few occasions that I have been caught in the rain, and of course ....... every time I have had to autocross in the rain :o)

Bert R of MD.

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