A swarm of FLYs.

by: Keith V of CA.

Despite a Certificate of Authenticity issued by Porsche Cars North America stating otherwise ...
there is reason to believe that there were actually four FLY yellow made!

One of three ...

When I first bought my FLY I remember being told that the display car at the NY Auto Show on 10th-18th April 1993 was color-to-sample FLY yellow. I was assured that the one I had just bought was not that car - but a sister car. I immediately sent a request off to Porsche Cars North America to get a Certificate of Authenticity. I was very pleased to get my certificate, and very pleasantly surprised to see a statement on the certificate under the section entitled “Optional Equipment:” where it said

One Of Three 1993 In Fly Yellow”.

Wow! One of only three in the world! I was stoked!!

Being full of enthusiasm for my “new” Porsche and wanting to learn more, I contacted Bob Schuster in FL who was at that time the Registrar for the Porsche Club of America Registry and he told me that he had almost thirty members in the registry (as of Feb 2014 membership is 465 - and VERY SLOWLY climbing)! During our conversation, I suggested that he start a registry website - but he made it clear that he was not that way inclined. He said that he was tiring of running the registry as his priorities had changed somewhat and that he was finding less and less time to deal with registry issues. After giving it a little consideration, I volunteered to take over the registry, and after a few calls to PCA national it was all taken care of and I officially became the Registrar.

PCNA Certificate of Authenticity.

... and then there were four.

As registry membership grew, I gathered data on more and more and sure enough, I eventually found the other two owners of “FLY” cars. Imagine my surprise when one day I had an owner contact me and tell me his car was special order “color to sample” from the factory in Fly yellow ...... making it the fourth one!

After some rapid calls to verify the color codes on the inside front LH fender of all four cars, there was nothing left to do but accept the fact that the factory Certificate of Authenticity ....... was flat wrong!

Why “FLY”?

An interesting tidbit is that it is not actually correct to call this color “Fly Yellow”. Why, you may ask? Well because the acronym FLY actually stands for Ferrari Light Yellow which is why the color is so much brighter than the standard Porsche speed yellow. Therefore it follows that saying “Ferrari Light Yellow Yellow” is redundant - and thus “Fly yellow” is actually a misnomer.

With the German word for yellow being “Gelb” the color code label explains it all.

I have a very close friend who is a fan of “F Troop” ..... no, not the TV show ... the Italian car makers from Modena - actually I think “disciple” would be a better word to describe him. Anyway, he takes great delight in constantly reminding me that the only way to make a Porsche look REALLY sharp ..... is to paint it a Ferrari color!!

I feel it would be remiss of me not to mention that he actually owns (and very successfully autocrosses) a speed yellow Boxster.

Four FLY on display.

The same ......... but different.

After some discussion by e-mail and phone I found that none of the four FLY cars has all four factory options. Two cars didn't have the Porsche CR-1 AM/FM cassette radio, the ex-1993 New York Auto Show display car had all except Limited Slip Differential, and the fourth is without the CR-1 radio and also without the least favorite option - which is electric sunroof. If you are much over 6 feet tall, or you intend to wear a crash helmet inside your , then not having a sunroof is very desirable because of the extra inch-and-a-half of headroom it affords. For details of options, see the table below.

Which of the four factory options does your have?
  Electric Sunroof Air Conditioning Limited Slip Differential CR-1 AM/FM cassette radio
   Keith V Yes Yes Yes No
   Anthony C Yes Yes Yes No
   Mark T Yes Yes No Yes
   Bob W No Yes Yes No

So how much difference is there between the four cars?

Actually ..... surprisingly little!!

Generally speaking, none of the four cars have had any major modifications done and they've all been maintained primarily for use as a street car. There are no Roll cages, fire systems, fuel cells or signs of removing parts or trim to gain a weight advantage. The changes were more in the line of lowering an inch or so, fitment of a K&N filter, maybe a spring upgrade or a swaybar change and of course, the addition of center caps to the wheels (which, although they are a 993 part, really should have been available for the 964 ).

corral looming.

When I heard about PCA's 50th Parade in Hershey PA having a “field of dreams” which was touted as being an opportunity for different Porsche models to park together at the concours, I volunteered to help by co-coordinating the corral.

As more registry members notified me that they were going to attend the corral, I realized that the other three FLY cars were going to be there. As I was not only responsible for coordinating the corral, but also owner of the last remaining FLY car - I pretty soon realized that I had no choice but to take “Ol' yeller” to Hershey PA.

Concours day (Sunday 26th June '05) was an absolute blast! In fact there is a separate article on this website detailing the events, cars and personalities at the corral - click here to view it. As all four Fly cars were in the same corral (along with 26 other ) we agreed to meet for a once in a lifetime photo opportunity - the results of which are shown throughout this article.

Data gathering.

Corral day went far too quickly and despite capturing some remarkable images, there was not really time to fully explore the four cars. I decided it might be interesting to do a comparison of these four and get a better understanding of their similarities and differences. To do this I sent a brief questionnaire to each of the owners and the following 8 tables show the results.

When did you buy your ?
   Keith V Mar 1999
   Anthony C Sep 2000
   Mark T Feb 1995
   Bob W Oct 1993
Do you know which owner you are (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.)?
   Keith V Third.
   Anthony C Third.
   Mark T Second - The original owner bought it from the dealer who displayed it at the NY Auto Show.
   Bob W I am the original owner.

Noses in a curve.
How many miles were on your when you bought it?
   Keith V 21,420
   Anthony C 19,700
   Mark T 2,576
   Bob W 12
How many miles are on your today [Feb-06]?
   Keith V 55,400
   Anthony C 39,800
   Mark T 27,940
   Bob W 16,000

FLY in echelon formation. Note the nearest car is the only one without a sunroof.
How did you find out that your was For Sale?
   Keith V  I was driving past a house in San Diego, saw the car in a garage and went and talked to the owner.
He was not interested in selling then, but after 9 months of “negotiating” he changed his mind.
   Anthony C It was advertised in Porsche Panorama.
   Mark T It was advertised in Autoweek.
   Bob W It was in the dealership with no takers for 6 months. Nobody wanted to buy a yellow car back then.
Was your your first Porsche?
   Keith V 3rd
   Anthony C No, I have had many Porsches - in fact this is my 5th .
   Mark T 2nd
   Bob W 2nd

A crescent of .

Have you ever autocrossed your ? More than once?
   Keith V Yes. Roughly ten autocrosses a year.
   Anthony C No.
   Mark T No
   Bob W No
Have you driven your on a track? DE or Track tour? Which track(s)? More than once?
   Keith V Yes - Non-competitive laps ony!! Button Willow, Streets of Willow and Lead a track tour at Fontana in CA. Plus Texas World Speedway once at PCA Parade 2004 in Fort Worth. Plus PCA Parade in Monterey on track Tour Lap. Never raced competitively.
   Anthony C Yes. I have participated in DE's at Watkins Glen, Lime Rock, NHIS and Mt Tremblant. In the last two years I purchased a dedicated track car but prior to that I was “exercising” the 5/6 times a year.
   Mark T No
   Bob W Yes. DE's @ Watkins Glen, Bridgehampton, Lime Rock & Pocono.

The worlds only sunroof-less FLY languishing among its peers.

What modifications/upgrades have you done to your ?
   Keith V Originally - Secondary muffler by-pass. Fabspeed cat-bypass. H&R springs. Adjustable swaybars.
K&N filter and opened up air box. Now all back to stock.
   Anthony C Just bolt on's. Primary muffler by-pass. Stock suspension but lowered with spring perches
Big red brakes. Recaro SRD seats and 18” BBS-RS-GT wheels.
   Mark T center caps.
   Bob W None! The car is completely stock - except .... I added a fire extinguisher.
Have you ever entered your in a concours in a more competitive class than wash-n-shine?
   Keith V No.
   Anthony C No.
   Mark T Yes. The car won 2nd in class at 2003 Parade in Tampa FL
   Bob W Yes. The car won peoples choice at a PCA Zone 1 event and a first place in a NNJR Region event.

The four respective owners beside their cars.

Has anyone ever offered to buy your at first sight?
   Keith V Yes. Several times.
   Anthony C Yes, it has happened on more than one occasion. At one local show there was a fellow with his check book willing to purchase the car that day. Verrrry tempting I must say!!!
   Mark T Yes. I've had several people offer to buy it. I still have the number of someone that asked me to contact him if I ever decide to sell.
   Bob W Yes, There is one guy who calls me regularly to see if I've changed my mind and want to sell it.
Realistically, what car would you trade your for?
   Keith V A low mileage un-modified 2004 or 2005 GT3 - but only in speed yellow!
   Anthony C A GT-3...and I would have to think about it.... I can't think of any car that has as much “bang for the buck” as the . Even if I purchased a GT-3, I know there would be a day that I would regret selling the .
   Mark T Ferrari 550 Maranello. Good car to take on a trip.
   Bob W A 993 or later cup car for the track or a 993 twin Turbo street car.

FLY Whaletails.
What do you like most about your ?
   Keith V Handling & feedback to the driver. I really like the cars responsiveness and the sharpness of the steering.
Also the looks, I love the color and the rear 3/4 view with the whaletail, emblems and side decal.
I like the exclusivity of owning one of only four similar cars in the world.
   Anthony C First and foremost, I love the way it drives and sounds, the lack of power steering gives it just the right edge. I think it is the best blend of old and new. Second, I love the color and it's exclusiveness.
   Mark T Color. Great feel driving.
   Bob W The color.
When was your car built? What is the “M-date” of your ?
   Keith V Jan/93
   Anthony C Aug/92
   Mark T Nov/92 - built 5 cars after Bob W's
   Bob W Nov/92 - built 5 cars earlier than Mark T's

Proud owners Anthony C of RI, Bob W of NY, Keith V of CA and Mark T of PA.

What is the longest journey you've done in your ?
   Keith V 2,700 miles round trip from San Diego to Fort Worth for PCA Parade 2004.
   Anthony C Rhode Island to Mt Tremblant, about 950 miles round trip.
   Mark T Tampa for Parade. Montreal for Parade. Maine for road trip.
   Bob W Hershey for the corral @ PCA's 50th Parade - approx. 500 miles round trip.
Which three words would you pick to describe your ?
   Keith V Bright. Responsive and Exciting.
   Anthony C FUN, FUN, FUN!!!
   Mark T Bright. Light. Tight.
   Bob W Awesome. Responsive. Eye-catching.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that although most Porsche owners tend to be a tad on the “anal” side, and often claim that their car is “pretty much stock”, there is probably more than a grain of truth to the old adage that no two Porsches are identical - especially Porsches that are 13 years old.

Four FLY ready to depart.

Completely apart from these cars being the only four in the world painted this particular “color-to-sample” hue, the intent of this article is to capture them being all together in one place at the same time. From my point of view, all deliver a remarkable amount of both visceral and aesthetic pleasure to their owners ...... and anyone else who gets to drive them come to that.

Addendum: Other notable Yellow Porsches at PCA's 50th Parade.

Mark T ....... being slightly Out-Yellowed.

Keith V ....... seriously Out-Yellowed.

Keith V and Martha M of CA beside RUF CTR “Yellowbird” - the name says it all.

The business end of 1988's “fastest streetcar in the world” 469 bhp - courtesy of Alois RUF.

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