When the was new, it came with a leather document pouch containing all the original manuals, booklets and flyers. These included (but were not limited to) the following documents:

  1. Warranty Booklet.
  2. Owners Manual.
  3. Maintenance Manual.
  4. Dealer Directory.
  5. Porsche Roadside Assistance Program.
  6. Arbitration Procedure form.
  7. Arbitration Procedure letter & flyer.

The documents are listed in the order in which they are packed in the leather document pouch to achieve the best fit and least likelihood of damage when packed.

The leather document pouch.

The leather document pouch containing the original Owners Manual, Maintenance Manual, Warranty booklet, Porsche Dealer directory, and data regarding the Arbitration process that would be employed if a customer had a problem that their dealer was not able to address to their satisfaction.

The leather document pouch - front cover open.

The leather document pouch - rear cover open.

The leather document pouch is 10” high by 7” wide by approximately 2 1/2” inches thick when full. A can be seen from the images above it is something like a book with a front cover, a back cover and only one page. There is provisioning on the bottom RH corner of the front cover for a pen, and also provisioning on the inside front cover for a salesman's business card.

1) Warranty Booklet - Part # WKD 900 123 93 - dated 1/92.

The warranty booklet is 9 1/4” wide by 5 5/8” tall, it has silver front and rear covers and a clear plastic single spiral binding.

The 1993 version has The word “PORSCHE®” in red and the word “Warranty” in black below it. The booklet has 86 printed pages with the last page being a tear-out change of address/ownership postcard addressed to:

100 W Liberty Street
PO Box 30911
Reno NV 89520-9857”

Warranty booklet front cover.

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2) Owners Manual - Part # WKD 964 021 92 - dated 5/91.

The owners manual is 9 1/4” wide by 5 3/4” tall, it has 127 printed pages, silver front and rear covers and a clear plastic single spiral binding.

The 1993 version has The word “PORSCHE” across the whole width of the top of the front cover, “Owner's Manual” the center, with “911 turbo” below it and “911 Carrera 2/4” below that. As can be seen in the image below, all text is in burgundy for the '93 version.

1993 Owners Manual with all burgundy text.

In the back of the owners manual there is a clear plastic page which is actually a pocket intended to hold supplemental owners manuals for all 964 variants were applicable, such as the , the , the 964 and the

In addition to having an owners manual supplement all came with a single page single sided supplement which is a revised version of page 92 of the owners manual referring to jack stowage.

This loose leaf single page supplement had the Porsche Part# WKD 964 221 92 printed in the top left hand corner per the image below and would normally be found either in the transparent pocket designed for the owners manual supplement or be inserted into the pages of the owners manual itself.

The hard to find single page single sided supplement was a revised version of Page 92 of the owners manual.

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3) Maintenance Manual - Part # WKD 900 023 93 - dated 9/92.

Unlike most of the other booklets in the document pouch, the Maintenance Manual is not spiral bound. It is 9 1/4” wide and 6 3/4” high, has 19 printed pages, two change of ownership return postage paid cards and a silver front and rear cover.

It contains a list of recommended maintenance procedures and their suggested intervals as well as providing a place for the business performing the maintenance and service work to be stamp them off as complete. This is the document you should ask to see when considering purchasing an in order to establish its service history.

The inside cover of the maintenance manual has a plastic pocket that is intended to hold the roadside assistance card that came with the car when it was new. This card looks like a Porsche credit card with the card number being the Vin# of the covered by the Porsche roadside assistance program.

The maintenance manual should reflect the service history with each service performed stamped off and a note made of the mileage at which it occurred.

The inside front cover of the maintenance manual with the plastic pocket for the roadside assistance card.

On the right hand side of the first page of the maintenance manual is a duplicate of the vehicle identification label that is located underneath the front hood of the car just behind the hood latch. This label details the Vin#, the Porsche model # (which, for an is 964 320), the engine#, transmission #, the paint and interior color codes plus a list of optional equipment that the car was delivered with. For more data on exterior colors and options available for the click here.

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4) Dealer Directory - Part # PNA 000 045 - dated 4/91.

The dealer directory is 5 1/2” wide and 7 1/2” tall with silver front and rear covers and a white painted metal double spiral binding. The general format is that of an atlas listing dealers in every State in the US and Canada. Additionally, it is a boutique catalog of genuine Porsche parts and accessories giving pictures and descriptions of items but with no pricing information (see illustration below).

The cover of the Dealer Directory.

As an example of the content of the Dealer directory, for Hawaii the one dealer is listed
along with details of the stock Porsche tire inflator that came standard with the .

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5) Porsche Roadside Assistance Program.

Sample Porsche Roadside Assistance Membership card.

Porsche provided Roadside assistance to new owners in the USA in conjunction with the United States Auto Club “Motoring Division”. New owners received a membership card bearing their name and the Vin# of their and an emergency phone number and an expiration date. Additionally members received a members benefit booklet, 2 roadside assistance claims forms and 2 stickers with instructions stating they should be placed on the rear bumper of the car.

Members Roadside Assistance card in it's holder

Roadside Assistance Program booklet.

Roadside Assistance Program Claim form sides 1 and 2.

Roadside Assistance sticker - complete with instruction to mount it on the bumper of your brand new .

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6) Arbitration Procedure form.

Porsche provided new owners with a complimentary Arbitration procedure which was a program intended to resolve warranty issues which may not be resolved to your satisfaction by your authorized dealer or the Owner Relations Department at Porsche. The initial program offered until 1994 was with the American Automobile Association named AAA/Autosolve, and from 2 May 1994 the program was in conjunction with the Council of Better Business Bureau and renamed BBB Auto line.

The BBB Auto line Arbitration Procedure brochure which is a 3 fold flyer.

The inside of the 3 fold BBB Auto line flyer.

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7) Arbitration Procedure Letter and flyer.

The following letter although not supplied in the document folder, was sent out to new Porsche owners in 1993 and was accompanied by the flyer below introducing the BBB Auto line procedure.

The letter explaining the Porsche arbitration procedure.

The tri-fold flyer outlining the arbitration procedure.

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