Rear stowage bins in place of rear seats
Rear stowage bins - fitted in place of rear seats in all but the 1994 .

Rear stowage bins

“Why was the “lightweight” fitted with twin stowage bins behind the front seats, but the same model year “Rest-of-the-World” 964 was not?”

The concept of the was a lighter weight performance version of the Carrera 2 - so why would two stowage bins made of compressed plywood (weighing approximately 18 lbs.) be fitted in the rear of the car, once the rear seats had been removed to save weight?

The out of car experience
Stowage bins removed from the car

Simple! The good old US National Highway Transportation Safety Board declared that Porsche could not import a car into the USA that had the potential for people sitting in the back without seats or seatbelts. The same thing applies to the 1994 America Roadster and all Porsche's other 2-seater cars fitted with rear stowage bins.

Bins viewed from the right side of the car
Stowage bins RH view

One of the first things to be removed when an begins its journey of being morphed into a track car, is to remove the rear stowage bin - why you ask? ....

WEIGHT! These bins are made of carpet covered compressed chip board and weigh about 18 pounds.

Bins viewed from the left side of the car
Stowage bins LH view

Based on the above, I believe that there are a reasonable number of these rear stowage bin assemblies languishing in owners - (or even ex- owners) storage areas/garages.

The 1994 model year were fitted with rear seats and as a consequence, did not have rear stowage bins.

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