Production numbers.

Initially a letter was sent to the Porsche Archivist at the factory in Stuttgart (Porsche AG) asking how many were produced in total. The following was the reply received - finally confirming the total number built.

Final confirmation of the total number produced.

A further letter was sent letter was sent to Porsche Cars North America (PCNA) requesting details of the production run. A total of 13 questions were asked and the answers appear after each question in the response from PCNA below.

PCNA answers provided at the end of each question.

Interestingly, the detail data in response to question #5 “What is the range of the VIN chassis numbers?” does not include the Vin# range of the 84 examples of the 1994 referenced in the answer to question 4.

Extensive research through a library of over 250 Porsche books (including some authorized by the factory archives in Stuttgart) have established that the 1994 VIN# range is as shown below

Vin # # made Model Year
WPOAB296*RS419064 - 419147 84 1994
Where * is the randomly generated check digit “0” to “9” or “X”.

Also, despite the official factory letter above which specifically states in response to question 2 that no were manufactured between Jan/92 and July/92, the dataplate for the very first (Vin# PS418001) has an M-date of 2/92 and all of the first 297 made have M-dates before 7/92. Vin# PS419061 (the 298th to be made) has an M-date of 7/92.

Obviously, these data bring the dates quoted in the above letter into question.

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