Parade '05 ..... What an absolute BLAST

On their way to the worlds largest corral.

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July/August 2005

  • PCA 50th Parade corral report.
  • Individual portrait photos have been posted of each that attended the corral.
  • Tech article - What to do when the rear deck lid release cable breaks.
  • Rumors of a RUF .
  • Coming down the pipe.

The July and August Site News updates have been combined due to focusing all the spare time I have available on either coordinating the corral or creating an article on it. The corral article is now available and can either be viewed on the “Articles/Member” page using the blue menus at the top of this page, or by clicking the following link.

  • Corral portraits.

With so many enthusiasts in attendance at the corral, the collection of images I have been sent is huge. I have compiled a page of portraits of each in the corral which can be accessed via the following link.

I will be happy to add the images shown on the above-mentioned page (plus several other shots of the same car) to each registry members personal web page on this website if they already have one. If members don't have a their own web page yet - please e-mail me and I will create one.

  • What to do if your rear deck lid release cable breaks.

So you're out in your and you stop for fuel and decide to check the oil. You open the driver's door, reach for the deck lid release handle on the doorjamb, give it a tug and SPROING!!!! .... the cable breaks! Now what?

To find the quick and easy solution to your dilemma either go to the “Articles/Technical” page using the blue menus at the top of this page, or click here.

  • Rumors of a RUF

On more than one occasion I have heard rumors of a RUF . At Hershey Parade I was able to confirm that this is not just a rumor, because I was fortunate enough to meet with the owner of the actual car that Alois Ruf of RUF automobiles used to obtain US certification for his 964 RUF RCT1. It belongs to Bob W of IL who is a really nice guy and was heavily involved in the US certification process. Bob gave me a huge amount of data on the car and the certification process in the short time I spoke with him. My intent is to write an article on the car based on our meeting - with the co-operation of Bob W.

  • Coming down the pipe.

There is a lot going on at right now although the e-news updates may seem to be quiet. The following are a few items that I'm targeting for the September news update.

logo Polo shirts and microfiber jackets - details of price and availability coming soon.

logo window stickers (decals) for the bottom center of your rear windshield - details of price and availability coming soon.

Porsche made very few FLY yellow and all of them attended the RSA corral. An article recording them gathering for the first (and possibly ONLY) time is in work and scheduled for the next news update.

Did you know that all Midnight Blue Metallic and Black did not have the lower rocker panels and lower portions of both front and rear valences painted flat black like the other three colors? If you look closely at the image of Bert B of Canada's car from the 10th June news article you will notice the lower panels are all body color with a gloss finish.

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