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A complete toolkit with all 19 items (including the vinyl tool roll).

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29 Dec 2004

What's in YOUR toolkit? ..... PLUS! possibly the youngest person ever to buy a brand new

Is your tool kit complete? ...... are you sure? Well, if you would like to know not only what should be in your toolkit, but also how to pack it correctly, then click here to find out.

Geoff A of PA sent in the following e-mail.

“I'm the original owner of a Midnight Blue Metallic , with less than six thousand miles on it. I ordered it to my specifications in mid-1992 its only option is Limited Slip Differential plus it has red belts and door pull straps. It comes out on perfect days for a little exercise.

I am as enthusiastic about as you are, and I also collect literature. Porsche published two additional press photos not currently listed on your websites literature page. One is of a Guards Red car in front of an ivy-covered building, and the second shows the on a racetrack alongside a 1973 . The latter image is extremely rare and came with an article comparing the two versions of Porsches 911 . It didn't come in a “press kit” it came only in an envelope with a two or three page press release. I also have an original newspaper ad clipped from the NY Times for the which has the headline “A Porsche for $20 a day? Let's hope your ATM is on a steep, winding mountain road.” ... or something close to that.

The ad refers to the special lease deal made available for the ($599 a month), which is how I originally got my car. I recall the early 1990's as being very hard times for Porsche. So, in order to move these cars, they had a special lease, with a 4.1% interest rate. That interest rate was incredible back then and it allowed me to get this car (I was only 27 at the time and I'd be curious to know if I was the youngest person to buy a new ). I also remember that the terms of the lease depreciated the value of the car significantly more than market value. I remember reading that 911's retained 90% of their value over the first five years of depreciation. As a result, at the end of the lease I was able to buy my 5 year old, EXTREMELY low mileage for only $24,000

If you have a copy of either of the two press release photo's, or the Porsche lease ad mentioned above, or you were younger than Geoff A when you bought a new please e-mail me

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