registry members cars in formation at Fort Devens Zone 1 Autocross (see below).

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28th Dec 2006

  • - Calling all owners
  • Planning ahead for a national gathering on the West Coast - July '07
  • Missing Road & Track road test article found at last
  • A are outh merican
  • registry members show their colors at the Zone 1 Autocross

With the regular ebb and flow of ownership, cars are changing hands all the time and often an owner sells his car and forgets to inform me - which I understand completely - we all have busy lives with not enough time to do the things we want. In the six years or so that I have been registrar, I expected to lose track of a few members and their cars due to change of ownership, and it does happen. What surprised me is that I lose contact with significantly more owners due to e-mail address changes. I guess with more and more spam being generated and received, people change their e-mail addresses in an attempt to avoid it.

Without me sending out regular monthly e-newsletters, members lose interest and stop checking the website for updates. This leads to loss of contact and therefore explains why when members change to a new e-mail address I often don't know about it. The net result is that when I eventually do send out an e-newsletter, I receive some form of “message undeliverable” notification somewhere between 25 and 30% of the time - which really is not a very satisfactory result.

Bottom line: In an attempt to update my records, I am therefore requesting that all owners please send me an e-mail from your current e-mail account, and upon receipt I will verify that I have your correct e-mail address on file. I work hard to find time to create, update and maintain this website, and in return I ask that you please keep me up to date with your latest contact data.

Even if you have been receiving the newsletter, I would appreciate it if you could please click on the large gray “e-mail verification” button below - which will open an e-mail addressed to me - which I ask that you please send. Alternately - you are welcome to click on the “e-mail me” link on the bottom of every page of this website.

Please remember that all data you submit will be considered confidential, and as such, will not be posted or forwarded to any third party without your express written permission (including e-mail).

e-mail verification

Please confirm the e-mail account you would like me to send future registry e-newsletters to.

  • Upcoming national gathering on the West Coast - 02 July 2007

This is a reminder to mark your calendars for Monday July 2nd - especially if you live in the South West. The annual PCA national parade will be in San Diego from July 1st to 5th, and Monday 2nd is concours day. One of my functions at this years Parade is that I am managing the Porsche Paddock.

The Porsche Paddock is basically a very large grassy area where Porsche owners will be invited to display their cars in groups based on Porsche model. Cars in the Paddock will not be judged. The registrar for each of PCA's Registers or “Special Interest Groups” will be invited to be “captains” responsible for managing for their specific model group, and the cars will be displayed accordingly. Needless to say, there will be an corral which I am hoping will have a greater attendance than the corral at Hershey for PCA's 50th parade (click here to read about the Hershey corral).

  • Road test article finally acquired
After months of lying in wait, a mint condition copy of this article was finally uncovered
The missing Road test article has finally been found and is now available for review on this website.

At the top of every page of this web site, I have a menu consisting of seven blue header menus and if you pause your cursor over each of these menu items, the sub-menus available below it pop into view. One of the top menus is “Articles” and this provides access to three categories of articles, specifically, Member, Technical and Road Test. If you haven't explored them yet ... please do so.

Until recently, clicking on the “road test” page would open a page providing links to 10 road test articles.

For quite some time, I have been aware of a road test article from the September 1992 edition of Road & Track but, unfortunately, I had been unable to get a copy of it in decent condition. Recently, I happened to be browsing e-bay ... and there it was! So now, I am proud to present road test article number eleven.

Click on the image above to go to the road test articles page.

  • A are outh merican
Argentinian RSA
Rodrigo T's award winning in Argentina

Registry member Rodrigo T lives in Argentina and owns a Midnight Blue Metallic with only 13K original miles. It would be interesting to find out how this “US & Canada market only” Porsche became the only known in South America.

The car is in perfect condition, and has three of the four factory options available - Sunroof, Air Conditioning and Porsche CR-1 AM/FM Cassette radio. As can be seen on the roof of the car in the image above, this is an award winner. Rodrigo sent in this picture which was taken at the annual Buenos Aires Porsche Festival. So, if Buenos Aires is in your travel plans, be sure to find out when the Porsche Festival is, and go and check out Rodrigo's car.

  • Oct 2006 two-day autocross hosted by PCA's Zone 1
owners in patriotic formation at Oct '06 Zone 1 Autocross.

Registry members gathered over the weekend of October 7th/8th '06 at Fort Devens, MA for the PCA Zone 1 autocross which Don C of NY says was a great event with two different courses that were run over two days where your best time on Saturday, plus best time on Sunday equaled your time for the event.

Gathered in patriotic formation (red, white and blue) in the above image are:

  • On the left in their Midnight Blue Metallic RSA are Brenda M and Sheryl S from RI
  • In the center with their Grand Prix White RSA are George and Christine S of MA
  • and in the Guards Red car are National Parade autocross winner Don and his wife Barbara C of NY

Brenda M finished first in class P10L which had a total of 6 cars

Don C of NY finished first in class P10M (which also had a total of 6 cars) with George S of MA in third.

Many thanks to Don for getting the group together, getting the picture taken and sending it to me, and congratulations to the three podium finishers in their - great job!

Have you visited the OEMinfo/Equipment page of yet? If not you might want to do so to see data on standard equipment including everything from rear stowage bins, wheels, rear spoiler, toolkit, sport seats and much more.

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