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25th Mar 2007

  • - PCA Parade is in a different city every year, for '07 the venue is San Diego - find out how to join the
    Corral in the Porsche Paddock!
  • How many owners does it take to change a light bulb?
  • Revamped European car road test article
  • One out of every two made are in the Registry - find out more.
  • - find out how to join the Corral in the Porsche Paddock!

Every year PCA Parade is hosted by a different city, for 2007 San Diego will be Porsche central for the week of July 1 - 5. Although the traditional major events that happen at every Porsche Parade will still happen, Concours, Autocross, Rally, Tech quiz etc., there will be a few “extra curricular” activities, or variations of the usual events intended to give visitors a taste of San Diego. These include such things as a beach party, a day at Sea World, tours of San Diego back-roads and a victory banquet for around 1300 people - on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier in San Diego bay.

For those of you who are in Southern California, but cannot or simply don't want to attend the whole parade, there is an opportunity to participate for one day only (Monday July 2nd) which is concours day. As a non-parade attendee you cannot enter the concours proper, however, there will be a Porsche Paddock which will enable Porsche owners to park their cars in groups of similar models. Cars in the Paddock will not be judged, it will be display only.

Parade San Diego
Parade San Diego
Click on the above image to read an article about the corral in the Porsche Paddock at Parade '05.

So how does one get in to the Porsche Paddock? Well, at the end of April there will be an announcement on the Parade website (for access see paragraph above) stating that the Porsche Paddock registration is now open. This will provide a form which you can print and complete providing details of your Porsche and contact data for you. You will then be required to mail this completed form with a check for $20 payable to PCA. You will be notified when your check has been received and you are in the Paddock.

Bottom line ......


  • How many owners does it take to change a light bulb?
The H5 headlight fitting - unnecessarily complex? Apparently not ....... if you're German!

As our cars get to be 13 or 14 years old, things start to wear out and consumable items start to illustrate just how consumable they really are. All things from wheel bearings, to clutches, to minor things like headlight bulbs. Surprisingly enough, when it comes to something as simple as replacing a headlight bulb there is room for making a mistake - especially if you are from the “I taught myself how to maintain my car” school of Engineering.

Every now and then an opportunity arises for not just the routine R&R maintenance (by that I don't mean “Rest & Recouperation,” but “Remove & Replace”) but additionally a chance to effect a simple, straightforward upgrade. Don T of CA did a little research and found a good upgrade for those notoriously dim H5 Headlights that came stock with the .

To read his article on headlight bulb replacement/upgrade go to the “Articles” drop-down menu at the top of any page on this website, select “Technical Articles” and then click on the article - or - simply click on the image above.

  • Revamped European car road test article
Revamped and now readable!!
European Car Magazine cover

The January '93 European Car Road test article has been re-scanned and as a result is significantly more readable. To read it go to the road test articles page on this website and check out article number 10. A favorite quote from this article states ...

“If you prefer the roar of the engine over the sound of the stereo, consider this as one of the great sports car buys of the nineties.”

Revamped and readable!!
European Car Magazine article

  • One out of every two made are in the Registry - find out more.

Knowing that there were only 701 ever built, and seeing at the top of this page that the registry currently has 350 members. This effectively means that 50% of all made are in the registry. To find out what percentage of cars had each of the four options, or what state has the most , or which color was the most popular go to the “Registry Statistics” page.

When did you last take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) page of this website? It is updated fairly regularly and now has almost 50 questions - some even have answers that make sense!

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