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San Diego dyno day coming soon - 23 Apr '05.

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24 Mar 2005

  • Registry members start confirming their attendance at the largest gathering of ....EVER!
  • PLUS - Another gathering - this time in San Diego on 23 Apr '05 (see NEW member article)
  • Previously no longer available deck lid emblems are available once more!
  • and lastly ... a price break for Registry members on script floor mats!
  • attending the informal car show at PCA Parade.

Mark your calendars, polish your and be sure to come along to PCA Parade in Hershey PA, on Sunday June 26th in the grounds of the Hotel Hershey.

NOTE: You do not need to be participating in Parade to come to the Sunday June 26th car show and park your in the corral. If you can't make it for the whole week - just come along for the one day!

As of the 22nd June there are 31 Registry members who have confirmed that they will be bringing their to Hershey on Sunday June 26th to participate in the Registry corral. These include:

  Name   RSA color
 Keith V of CA  Ferrari Fly Yellow
 Ned L of MO  Midnight Blue Metallic
 David W of MD  Guards Red
 Anthony C of RI  Ferrari Fly Yellow
 Mark W of VA  Guards Red
 James M of VA  Grand Prix White
 Steve M of PA  Grand Prix White
 Danny N of PA  Polar Silver Metallic
 Michael G of NJ  Black
 Fred S of PA  Guards Red
 Mark H of PA  Peru Red
  Name   RSA color
 Earl S of PA  Guards Red
 BoB W of NY  Ferrari Fly Yellow
 Bert R of MD  Black
 Albert T of PA  Black
 Gary H of PA  Guards Red
 Dean J of PA  Guards Red
 Fred S of TX  Grand Prix White
 Doug H of FL  Grand Prix White
 Bill W of NC  Black
 Brent B of VA  Guards Red
  Name   RSA color
 Tim M of PA  Guards Red
 Bill S of MD  Polar Silver Metallic
 Don C of NY  Guards Red
 Mark T of PA  Ferrari Fly Yellow
 George P of PA  Grand Prix White
 Michael W of NJ  Black
 Joe P of PA  Guards Red
 Bert B of Can  Midnight Blue Metallic
 Marvin J of MD  Black
 Marc F of NY  Polar Silver Metallic

The largest recorded number of to date was 11 gathered at Watkins Glen for a DE event in June 2004. The objective here is to beat that number and from the above table, if all goes as planned we should easily beat that - so don't forget to bring your camera.

I will be bringing some goodies so look out for me either at the RSA corral on Sunday 26th or in and around Hershey Lodge during the week of Parade (my contact data will be posted on the notice board at Hospitality).

  • Local (San Diego) Dyno test day coming soon 23-Apr-05

A new article has been added to the “Member Articles” page detailing a Dyno day in 2004 where 2 were tested back-to-back.
Click here to view the Dyno day article.

If you are interested in attending the San Diego Dyno day with your please e-mail me because there is a minimum number of attendees required or the event will be cancelled.

  • deck lid emblems available again - in limited supply!

RS rear decklid emblems.

An Registry member has recently hand manufactured some exact replicas of the no-longer-available decklid emblems.

These are exact replicas of the original US made emblems Part# PNA 559 037 02. They are made by hand and are indistinguishable from the original no longer available part.

These emblems are also available in silver (for use on black or midnight blue metallic cars) to match the silver “” side decals mounted behind the door on each rocker panel. [Show me]

Price (including shipping) $50. Go to the “Marketplace/parts & accessories” page to view these newly available emblems.

  • Floor mats anyone?

I have negotiated a special reduced price for RS America Registry members for a pair of Lloyd fitted front floor mats for the 964 in black, with the correct script embroidered into them.

Most retailers sell the front mats only for $120.00 plus tax and shipping, but I have managed to get them for $99.95 plus $9.95 shipping with no tax to non-California residents.

If you are interested in purchasing new script floor mats please e-mail me.

Do you have a copy of owners manual supplement WKD 964 221 92? If not Click here to find out more about it.

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