Aother striking RSA image from Susan G

A great shot of Susan G of Vancouver Canada's lowered Midnight Blue Metallic
displaying it's logo centercaps and its clear front turn signals

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21st January 2006

  • The return of !!
  • At last! .net Polo shirts are available.
  • This months Tech article - What to do if your front hood release cable breaks.
  • Feature your as the photo of the month.
A great RS America magazine ad

  • website returns!

Since the last newsletter I have been dealing with significant medical issues which have out-prioritized making significant changes to this website. I appreciate the enthusiasm of those of you who noticed the lull and sent messages asking what had happened, suffice to say that things have stabilized sufficiently for me to dedicate some time to a site update (at last). Registry membership numbers continue to climb - which is good, (314 at time of writing), but I am losing touch with more and more as they are sold, and despite my requesting it, sellers rarely give me data on the new owners.

  • Show your colors proudly with an .net Polo shirt. polo shirts

After what seems like a lifetime of waiting, .net polo shirts are now available exclusively to registry members. To order your size and the color of your choice go to the “Marketplace/Parts & Accessories“ page above, or simply click on the following link. I've heard that these shirts make you look a lot like Brad Pitt.

  • What to do if your front hood lid release cable breaks.

One day you're about to get something out of the front hood of your and you reach for the front hood release handle in the drivers side footwell, you give it a tug and SNAP!!!! .... the hood doesn't unlatch because the cable has broken! Now what? ..............

To find the quick and easy solution either go to the “Articles/Technical” page using the blue menus at the top of this page, or simply click on the following link.

  • Interested in having your favorite shot of your on the header of the newsletter?.

Scroll back up and take a closer look at the image of the midnight blue metallic above. It is indeed a beautiful thing. With such a glamorous subject, it's hard to find a bad angle, it becomes more a case of finding a good background. Come on you photo buffs, you paid big bucks for that camera you're so proud of that sits idle for 99% of the time. Get off your duff and do some creative photography - that is of course unless taking a really good shot is too difficult for you.

If you want a picture of your car posted at the head of the newsletter (per above), or you would like to have your own FREE webpage on , simply e-mail me a digital picture or two (as high a resolution as you have) along with permission to post it, and you're on your way to stardom ............ well .... almost!

If you think you have seen every page on this site, you are probably wrong! Why? because I am constantly adding to the sub-branches below the main pages. Have you explored the “Equipment” section which details items peculiar to under the OEM info menu at the top of the page? or do you know which is the only page on this site that says “under construction”? When did you last go to the “Site Map” page? What about the over 40 Frequently Asked Questions? or reading all 9 of the road test articles on the “Articles/Road test” page? If you have visited all of these recently - well done!! .... but I bet you haven't read all the past news items below this one!!

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