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11th Sep 2007

  • PCA Parade San Diego - the came, saw & most definitely conquered!
  • PCA Zone 7 rep, his and the significance of four seconds.
  • having fun at La Junta CO.
  • Coming up soon - the largest gathering of Porsches in Southern California ........ mark your calendars.
  • Who are those guys..........? Mystery owners - help needed in identifying them.
  • Registry members display their cars at the Porsche Paddock and dominate the national autocross at Parade.
Why are these people smiling? To find out who they are ...
and what they did at Parade '07 that made them smile - click on the image above.

The Registry was well represented at Parade '07 with a good turn out for the corral as part of the Porsche Paddock on concours day and the also proved to be a dominating the Autocross. To read an article about Parade 2007 - San Diego from an perspective click on the image above, click on the image below, or click here.

RSAs in formation after the Parade Autocross.
Autocrossers Jim B of CA, Fred S of TX, Keith V of CA, Larry S of CA and Brent K of WA after Parade Autocross.

(As a reminder - if a registry member's name is in blue text and underlined - click on it to view their web page)

  • PCA Zone 7 Rep. Larry S, his and the significance of four seconds.
Larry S of CA - a great guy and talented competitive driver.
Larry S of CA - PCA Zone 7 Rep and master pilot.

Registry member Larry S of CA from Golden Gate Region drove down to '07 PCA Parade San Diego from the bay area in his Grand Prix White , not just as another PCA member, but as Zone 7 representative - whch makes him part of PCA's national staff. This year he was requested by the PCA Executive Council to stay on as Z7 Rep, for his SECOND term.

He entered his recently acquired into the national Parade autocross and later confided that he was not confident he would do well because this was only the SECOND time he had ever autocrossed the car ..... plus he was on street tires and didn't think he would be competitive.

Of the four competing in the class, he was the SECOND to go.

After his last lap ..... he was leading his class by almost exactly one SECOND (so .... are you starting to see a pattern here?).

Brent K of WA who used to be one of San Diego Region's top hot-shoe competitive drivers (before he and his significant other Christine moved to Washington) was the last car in the class to run, and, inspired by Larry's sterling performance, on his very last lap “drove it like he stole it” and crossed the finish line completely sideways in what might be called by some a “controlled” drift ..... to beat Larry S by 31/100ths of a second on an 1:20 second lap!

The crowd went wild (as did the announcer)!! So Larry, despite being on street tires, demonstrated some outstanding driving, to finish ... yup ... you guessed it ...

... SECOND!!

Larry S of CA learns he is 1 full second ahead of the next car in his class.
After Larry completed his last lap, the marshall informed him that he was one full second ahead of the next car in his class.
CO RSAs having fun!
David R, Roger Z and David B - all of CO having fun in the sun at La Junta.

Three Registry members attended a PCA Rocky Mountain Region Drivers Ed event at a small but fun track at part of a municipally-owned airport in Southeastern CO by the name of La Junta. To read more about this little known track .... click on the image above or click here.

RSA squadron provides close support.
“Looking aft from the Cayenne pacecar I saw a squadron of providing us with a high speed close escort!!”

PCA's annual Zone 8 Festival of Speed is coming up East of Los Angeles at Fontana on the weekend of Fri-Sun April 4th-6th and the registry will be gathering.

This event has a very full calendar of Porsche Club of America driving events including a club race, an enduro and a Yokahama Drivers Cup race on an exciting track using a combination of the high speed banking (a-la NASCAR) and the in-field .... for those brave souls not scared of turning right. For the majority of us Porsche enthusiasts that aren't participating in the above mentioned track events, there will be ample opportunity to watch Porsche drivers battling it out at just about the highest level of amateur competition, with this years event also promising significant historic Porsche Factory prototypes - 917's, 935's 962's and more! There will also be lunchtime track tours with the organizers (the PCA Regions of Zone 8) offering an opportunity to have run groups on the track tour comprised of specific models. This effectively means we are being invited to participate in a track tour in a run group comprised exclusively of ..... now THERE'S a thought!!

In addition to the on track excitement, there will be other activities of interest to the Porsche faithful, including a concours with show cars on display being judged for originality and cleanliness, and a vendor village at which several local Motorsports outlets and Southern California Porsche Dealers offer their paraphernalia - often at significant discount. One of the best examples of a great deal that I'm aware of was a set of take-off genuine factory 17” 996 wheels (as in the owner had upgraded to larger wheels) - COMPLETE WITH TIRES that a dealer sold for $700!!!

To find out more about this years California Festival of Speed click here.

Those of you who know this site well may recall that five years ago Registry members gathered at this event in our and also participated in a lunchtime track tour - it really was an absolute blast! To read a report of this event from '03 click on the image above or click here.

When an comes up for sale I try to contact the owner to invite them to advertise their car FREE on this website on the Marketplace/Vehicles page. One of the conditions of placing their free ad is that when the car sells, the seller agrees to let me know the new owners e-mail address so I can send them a personal invitation to participate in the registry - otherwise I lose track of yet another. This is a win/win situation because they get to advertise on a website frequented by people specifically interested in free, and in return, I'm able to contact the new owner and inform them about the registry.

Road Atlanta Aug '06 Road Atlanta Aug '06
Do you know who owns #45?
Do you know who owns #193?

In theory a great system where we all help each other ... right? Well, unfortunately significantly less than half of the people who advertise their car For Sale free on this site comply with the conditions. As a result, I occasionally get heated e-mails telling me my website is garbage (the actual term used this time was significantly more vulgar than that) because all the For Sale ads are for cars that have already sold. This happens because sellers don't inform me when they sell their car. This makes me unhappy. The bottom line is I know of several which have changed owners and I have no idea who now owns them.

Road Atlanta Aug '06 Road Atlanta Aug '06
Do you know who owns #729?
Gary C of IL owns #323

I have decided to post a few images of that were spotted at Road Atlanta in August 2006, along with a call for help in identifying their current owners. If you recognize any of the cars pictured above, please either contact the owner and have him (or her) e-mail me, or .... if you have the e-mail address or other contact data for the owner, please pass it on and I will send them a personal invitation to participate in the registry. There is of course the possibility that these cars belong to current registry members and I am unaware of it. Either way, any help you can provide in connecting these images with their owners would be greatly appreciated.

Did you know that polo shirts, microfiber jackets, and rear windshield decals are available to registry members?
Show you're part of the team! To find out more go to the Marketplace/Parts & Accessories page by clicking here.

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