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2nd July 2006

  • PCA Parade in Portland OR - Aug '06
  • The highest mileage
  • personalized plates
  • World record attempt gathering in San Diego this coming October
  • Have a good 4th of July!!
  • coming to PCA Parade 2006 in Portland Oregon
Parade Portland '06 Logo
They're baaaack!!
Parade Portland '06 Logo
The RSAs are coming!!!

With only about one month to go, PCA's annual Parade is looming large on the horizon. From Aug 6th until Aug 11th, Portland in Oregon will be swarming with Porsches. There are over 750 Porsches signed up to attend with a busy schedule of events with everything from concours, to autocross, a Driver's Ed event at Portland International Raceway, banquets, scenic tours, wine tasting, banquets with special guest speakers, art shows, Tech Quizzes, Tech Sessions, more banquets and numerous events for kids of all sizes. If you have never been to a PCA Parade you definitely owe it to yourself to give it a try. You will meet all kinds of people, make new friends and visit a part of the US that otherwise might not be a destination you would select - but may well open your eyes as to how pleasant differing parts of the USA really are.

If you are registered for Parade, you will be aware that on Monday Aug 7th there is the National Concours at the Heron Lakes Golf Course where some of the finest show Porsches are judged to the nth degree for cleanliness and originality .... AND .... there is also a Parade Paddock which is basically organized parking for non-concours participants, enabling owners to park in groups of similar cars. At Hershey in 2005, this was the event at which the corral took place, and yes, there will be another RSA corral at the Parade in Portland this year.

As it worked so well last year, I think it would be a good idea for owners to meet on early Sunday evening (perhaps at a bar in the Parade Headquarters Hotel) and establish a plan to meet and corral together. To find out more, let me know you're interested by clicking on the “e-mail me” link below.

  • 127,000 miles .... and still travelling in style.

So far, it would appear that registry member Dennis W of CA holds the record for the highest mileage with 127,000 miles
...... if you know different .......... let me know.

  • personalized license plates.
To see some of the personalized license plates on registry members cars simply click on the image above

If you have a personalized license plate on your and would like to add it to our gallery, simply snap a digital pic of it and email it to me. If yours is one of those appearing in the May '06 news item below, please take a clearer shot and send it to me (if you haven't already done so).

  • This October there will be a gathering of at the Coronado Speed Festival in San Diego

Each year in October San Diego's North Island Naval Air Station hosts the Coronado Speed Festival. This unique event features over 200 of the world's top racing machines from years gone by, competing on a spectator-friendly 1.6 mile course. These vintage race cars are chosen to compete on the basis of their historical significance and certified authenticity. This is a chance to get a close look at many significant race cars doing their stuff in the hands of their mostly amateur drivers & owners. I recall a particular race at this event a couple of years ago when a slightly over-enthusiastic owner/driver of a 1957 Ferrari Testarossa locked up his brakes and spun his car in the tight turns at the end of the main straight and ended up sideways, almost completely blocking the track.

It was interesting enough to watch this particular incident as he came within less than a foot of the K-rail in mid spin. The real clincher, however, was what was going on behind him on the main straight - completely unaware that he had spun out, were two other 1957 Ferrari Testarossas running at full bore totally engrossed in their own battle for the race. Ask yourself, when was the last time you witnessed not one ... but THREE $1.5 Million vintage Ferraris ... in what looked to be the last few seconds of their existence?

So how did it turn out? Well, with the assistance of some well-designed and well-positioned corner worker stations, and some rapid thinking by attentive corner workers, the two onrushing cars were notified of the hazard just in time and avoided what seemed certain to be a disaster. This is what happens when you have a well-organized event like the Coronado Speed Festival run by no other than Steve Earle of the Monterey Historics fame.

The PCA RS America registry will be in attendance and, as the “Registry/Statistics” page of this website shows that there are 52 registry members in California, and only 28 members in PA .... yet there were 30 in the corral at Parade in Hershey PA, I'm confident that if you get off your duff and commit to being there, maybe float a coat of wax over your , there could very well be a record breaking gathering in San Diego.

  • Happy 4th July!!
Janice decided to celebrate 4th July by standing on one leg.
Josh S of IN captures a shot of the two loves of his life last 4th July in Patriot IN

I thought that the above picture is appropriate for the 4th of July and is intended to maybe get you to pause and realize ....... life is good!

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