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2 Feb 2003 - original factory items at the Los Angeles Porsche® Literature meet ....

This year the worlds largest indoor Porsche® literature meet was held yesterday (February 1st) at it's usual venue, the Hilton at LAX. Sadly, there were remarkably few items available. I did however, manage to replenish a few of my rapidly diminishing supply of New Old Stock (NOS) factory original items - all of which are available for sale to members only on the Marketplace: parts & accessories page.

PLUS! I happened across 40 copies of the one page black & white Porsche® ad which are now also listed on the Marketplace: parts & accessories page. These are on the original glossy paper and are ideal for framing. They look very good in the office - (ask me how I know that!)

Along with last months newsletter, I transmitted a request for registry members to reply with receipt confirmation. This brought some good news and some bad. The good news is that so far, out of 189 members, I have now received replies and contact data updates from 159; and the bad news?

....... well, obviously I would very much like to get a response from the remaining 30 registry members, but .... worse than that, although the membership continues to increase (it actually reached a peak of 194 in mid January) among the member replies I did receive, I got six saying that they no longer own their . Of these six, only two had told the new owners about this website and the PCA registry. Advertising your for Sale on this site is free to members and four of these six had sold their cars solely through this site and not bothered to let me know. Most irritating, but that's life I guess! Anyway, as of 2nd Feb '03 membership is back up to 190 and growing.

The website continues to be reworked, but sadly another month has passed without having a working Forum in place. It's coming team - thanks for your patience to date. I have tried to address some of the many questions I am continuously e-mailed by adding each question (along with it's answer) to the FAQ's page.

Completely by chance, I happened to find a photographer who was at NAIAS '92 (North American International Auto Show) in Detroit, and he took a couple of very good shots of the on the Porsche® stand

I am continuing with the format for the registry members monthly electronic newsletter which consists of a customized version of the “Latest breaking site news” page.

Do you know how many women owners there are in the PCA registry?

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