This is the Air compressor used for inflating the emergency spare tire or for adding air to the tires.

Air Compressor

Each came with a Porsche Air Compressor or tire inflator in the front trunk located under the front carpet, inside the spare wheel. The compressor is required per both the German DIN standards and the US DOT regulations due the car having a “space saver” spare tire which requires inflation prior to use.

The compressor itself is an integral part of the blow molded case which is approximately 11 1/2” wide x 10 1/2” deep x 3 1/2” tall and is held closed by two latches which are also part of the blow molded case.

With the case open the basic layout of this compact tool is clear.

The view above shows the “L” shaped compressor motor (which is molded into the case), the “power-in” line that plugs into the cars cigarette lighter socket (wrapped around the interior of the case), the built in pressure gauge (left rear), the accessories (center rear) and the output air hose (right rear) that connects to the tire valve.

Also visible in the lid is the small rectangular roadside light that is held in place by a velcro pad with its amber lens cover. This light plugs in to the small, round, sliver socket visible to the right of the pressure gauge.

The roadside light, the electrical power cable and the air hose.

The image above shows

  1. The rectangular roadside light which is used to warn other motorists of your presence (to the left).
  2. The flexible electrical cable (small coils) that plugs into the cars cigarette lighter to get power (the lower line).
  3. The air line going from the compressor that connects to the tire (to the right).
This image shows detail of roadside light plugged in between the pressure gauge and the three compressor accessories.

On the rear of the light itself is a 3 position switch enabling you to choose between “ON/OFF/FLASH”.

The light can therefore be used as a flashlight to see what you are doing, or, the amber lens can be moved to cover the light and using its 6 foot lead it can be positioned away from the car as a caution light to other motorists.

NOTE: At the top of the above image, a small circular protruding boss can be seen in the middle of the lid of the case. This protrusion aligns exactly with the red “ON/OFF” switch, such that closing the case automatically switches the compressor off.

This image is a close up of the pressure gauge, the silver light socket, the red “ON/OFF” switch and the three compressor accessories.

The three accessories all have threads for attaching them to the end of the air line and consist of:

  • [Left] a red plastic tapered nozzle making it suitable for inflating items with a plastic inflation tube - air mattresses, beach balls etc.
  • [Right] a metal needle valve suitable for inflating a football or soccer ball.
  • [Lower] a brass fitting with a small female thread for inflating objects with a protruding male thread.
The instruction decal.

On its bottom left hand corner, the instruction decal lists four steps to using the compressor.

  1. Open chuck latch.
  2. Push chuck latch firmly onto valve stem.
  3. Push latch down fully to seal.
  4. Push plug carefully and fully into lighter receptacle.

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