Front cover of Tech Service Info Manual

Dealer Technical Service Information Booklet.

What is a Dealer Technical Service Information Booklet?

This is the booklet distributed by Porsche Cars North America (PCNA) to all US and Canadian Porsche Dealers in 1992 introducing the as a new model. This booklet was originally not available to the public, which meant that as stock of this item intended for distribution to authorized dealers has expired, it is no longer available from Porsche - even to internal dealer staff.


The following data is a summary of the dealer Training and Service Document “Service Information Technik data '92 911 ” (as shown above) issued by Porsche Service training center in Ludwigsburg/Germany.

  1.  Engine
  2.  Fuel and Ignition System
  3.  Transmission
  4.  Running Gear
  1.  Wheels
  2.  Tires
  3.  Steering
  4.  Brake System
  1.  Body
  2.  Body Equipment
  3.  Electrical System
  4.  Optional equipment

NOTE: The Service Information Technik booklet is available to registry members
as advertised on the Marketplace/Parts and Accessories page of this website - while supplies last.

1. Engine.
The engine was adopted from the standard 911 Carrera 2 and remains unchanged. Output is 184 kW (250 bhp). All vehicles are fitted with a heated oxygen sensor and a three-way catalytic converter. Use of unleaded premium fuel meeting the RON95/MON85 minimum requirements is mandatory. If unleaded fuel with a lower octane rating is used, knock control performs automatic readjustment of the ignition timing.

2. Fuel and Ignition System
Fuel system, fuel metering and ignition system were also adopted from the 911 Carrera 2 without undergoing any modifications.

3. Transmission.
The double mass flywheel, the clutch and the five speed transmission (G50/05) were adopted from the 911 Carrera 2. A limited-slip differential (locking value approx. 40%) is optional.

4. Running Gear.
The 911 RS America is fitted with a stiffer special running gear (M030) with more sporting characteristics. It is essentially identical to the running gear of the 911 Turbo:

  - stronger rear Turbo springs
  - 911 Turbo shock absorbers front and rear
  - front stabilizer bar dia. 22mm
5. Wheels.
Cast 17-inch light alloy wheels of Cup design are fitted:
  Front   7 J x 17 AH   rim offset 55 mm.
  Rear   8 J x 17 AH   rim offset 52 mm.
6. Tires.
  Front   205/50ZR17
  Rear   255/40ZR17
7. Steering.
Mechanical rack-and-pinion steering adopted from the Carrera RS, without power steering.
The 380-mm dia. steering wheel is fitted with an airbag.

8. Brake System.
The entire brake system complete with the vacuum booster, brake master cylinder, ABS system, brake discs and calipers is identical to the corresponding parts of the 911 Carrera 2.

9. Body.
The body (with the exception of the engine compartment lid) is identical with that of the 911 Carrera 2.
All body panels are hot galvanized on both sides. In addition, the vehicle is shipped with standard underbody sealant protection.

The fixed rear spoiler distinguishes the 911 RS America from the 911 Carrera 2 or 911 Carrera RS, respectively. This spoiler is made of glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) and is fitted with a rubber lip along it's circumference.

The vehicle is available in the following body colors:

  Black   A1A1   Polar Silver Metallic   A8A8
  Guards Red   G1G1   Midnight Blue Metallic   F8F8
  Grand Prix White   P5P5    
10. Body Equipment.
The well known Porsche sports seats are fitted as standard equipment. The seats are upholstered with black cord fabric.

The three-point belts and the opening straps at the doors are finished in contrasting colors (e.g.. Guards red).

The door trim panels were adopted from the Carrera RS. Since the vehicle is fitted with power windows, the required pushbutton switches are located in the door trim panels.

Other standard equipment:

  - Alarm system
  - Airbag on drivers and passengers side
  - Rear parcel shelf
11. Electrical System.
Some equipment details known from the Carrera 2 were deleted on the standard 911 RS America.

Some of those items may be fitted as optional equipment, however.

  - no electrics for door mirror. The mirrors must be adjusted manually.
  - no air conditioning system
  - no radio
  - no cruise control

NOTE: The following equipment is standard on the 911 RS America:

  - 75 Ah battery
  - 2 fog lights
  - Heated rear window
  - Accessory set for fitting of radio: 2 loudspeakers.
  - Prepared for radio installation: 2 loudspeakers, windshield antenna, antenna booster, wiring harness.
12. Optional Equipment.
3-digit code
  - Mechanical limited-slip differential (40% locking value)
  - Air conditioning
  - Steel power sunroof
  - Porsche CR-1 AM/FM digital display stereo radio

For more information on option codes found on ID labels, go to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) page.

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